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Product Review

Cosatto Duo Traveller

Cosatto Duo Traveller
Number of reviews: 4   

Overall score: 7 out of 10

Tandem Double Buggy

Available from www.cosatto.com

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PRice is right, but you get what you pay for

Parent Panel review by Louise - review date 10 August 2006
We researched double buggies endlessly before deciding on the Cosatto Duo Traveller, in an ideal world I would have had the JAne Powertwin as it's just gorgeous. But unfortunately money was an object and the Cosatto was all we could afford. I preferred the tandem style rather than the side by side as most of them appeared to be quite "strollerey" in design and some didn't look suitable for a newborn. I also wanted something that looked quite robust and the Cosatto fitted that bill. To say that I'm not entirely happy with my Cosatto Duo Traveller would be an understatement. Where do I start, I have a 19 month old and she sits in the front of the buggy, therefore all the weight is at the front which makes it incredibly difficult to steer round corners or get up kerbs. My 7 week old sits at the back which doesn't recline completely and he lays at a slight slant. There is some storage area behind his seat but you can't get anything out of there once his seat is reclined! The rest of the storage is underneath and the poppers to undo that are so stiff that you practically break your finger trying to undo them. The raincover is very cheap in design and sticks together, also it doesn't appear to cover my 19 month olds legs completely so therefore her feet seem to be getting wet. All in all I'm not impressed, the price is excellent, but as my mother always says "you get what you pay for", my advice is pay a little more and get something else! harsh but true

Best Feature: The price
Worst Feature: Most of it
Verdict: Disappointing

Ease of Use: 4 out of 10
Value for Money: 8 out of 10
Quality: 4 out of 10
Overall score: 5 out of 10
About the reviewer: Mother of 2

Member reviews

 Ease of Use: 10 out of 10
 Value for Money: 10 out of 10
 Quality: 10 out of 10
 Overall score: 10 out of 10
"Love it!!!"
I had a 3 wheel jogger double buggy which was fine, but very impractical, you couldn’t get it through doors and even on some pavements so I decided to trade it in for a Cosatto Duo Traveller off Ebay....the price was right, its compact, yes a bit heavy but what wouldn’t be with two kids sitting in it come on!!! and a damn sight easier to push than the other one I can tell you....we can get through doors and because the back seat is higher than the front, it doesn’t stick out as much as other tandem buggies.

The back seat doesn’t fully recline so its totally horizontal, but hey....how many of you push their babies round in a car seat?? Now that doesn’t recline completely flat. The baby I had in it fell to sleep straight away, now if that doesn’t mean she was comfy then I don’t know….the 16 mth old in the front had a whale of a time, she loved it……I could bounce it up and down my front steps easily (and im no Jeff capes) and it fitted through my front door, which is far more than I can say for the other one I had.

The rain cover is fine……a typical plastic rain cover, just the same as any other buggy, plastic and keeps the rain off, the double shopping baskets are great…..so someone broke a nail unzipping it…who has nails anyway with kids??

Someone says it’s massive…..erm…NO!!! Not compared to other tandem buggies and I even had mums at the toddler group this morning asking where I got it from because it’s so compact compared to theirs, so in my view…..I LOVE THIS BUGGY…..its great, good price, easy to push and practical!!!!!

Member review by andrea - Childminder - review date 20 January 2009

 Ease of Use: 0 out of 10
 Value for Money: 8 out of 10
 Quality: 6 out of 10
 Overall score: 5 out of 10
"Do not bother!"
This is what I call a white elephant purchase.

I needed a double as I was pregnant and my then 2 year old was to small to walk long distances. As our budget was limited we were forced to purchase this cheaper alternative to the Jane.

I should have known when it was delivered what we were in for. Boxed, it wouldn't go through our front door and adjoining living room door!

We unpacked it, assembled it and we were in complete awe of its size! It was absolutely massive. When the time came to use it I could have cried! First our newborn daughter had to be put in it inside the house, then we had to back it out of the door whilst lifting and turning, once outside then my toddler was strapped into the front seat. There was no way he could be strapped in and then safely reversed out!

Good Points

1 Large shopping basket

2 Right of way is automatically given when pushing this buggy.

3 Came with rainhood and cosytoes as standard.

Bad Points

1 Hard to steer

2 Veers to the side.

3 Basket is big but inaccesible, I ripped a nail off trying to put a shopping bag under there.

4 The rubber on the handles was slippy and slimy when wet.

5 The wheels are massive and get in the way.

6 Virtually impossible to push with a growing toddler in the front, baby in the back, and shopping underneath.

7 Doesn't bump up steps or kerbs easily.

8 The front hood wouldn't stay put.

9 The straps were too long in the back and too short in the front.

10 It created an obstruction EVERYWHERE!

Loathe to just throw it away I tried selling it on ebay and didn't have a single bid. Then I tried giving it away and no one was interested! In the end I had to take it to the council tip as my son liked walking. I invested in a Boots Atlas buggy for my daughter which at £65 and nearly two years old is still going strong!

I was sorely disappointed in this buggy which in its picture looks great but in reality is the worst purchase I ever made. It has taught me to never make a big purchase from a catalogue again.

Member review by Leanne - Mum of 2 and TTC - review date 14 June 2008

 Ease of Use: 6 out of 10
 Value for Money: 10 out of 10
 Quality: 8 out of 10
 Overall score: 8 out of 10
"Heavy but workable!"
I bought this pushchair after we'd tried a Maclaren Twin Traveller and just didn't get on with it. The pushchair is very heavy, especially with a toddler in the front, but we didn't find this a problem. It also has a very tall handle so wouldn't be any good for shorter people. We started using this when my son was about 2.5 months old and he was absolutely fine in the back. I like that the footrest come up and attaches to the front seat, so the baby is protected from all sides. Now he is bigger he sits in the front seat which makes the pushchair a lot easier to push and steer.

Good points of the pushchair are that the rear seat lies has multi position recline, my baby has always been comfortable in it. I like that the basket has a zip on the side so that it is easier to get things in, and I also like the small basket at the back underneath the rear seat, it's very handy. The folding mechanism is easy to use but the clip that holds the pushchair closed has never worked for us. The pushchair is very heavy which can make steering difficult for some people, and also makes it sometimes difficult to steer or get up kerbs. Overall though I think for us the pushchair was ideal, and a very good price too!

Member review by Penny - Mum of two, 10 months and 29 months - review date 6 December 2006

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