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Product Reviews

Bath Time

Welcome to our product review list, subdivided into categories. These reviews although monitoried are the honest, "no holds barred" opinions of people who actually own the products and use them every day.

It's easy to add your own review to a product and your comments will help other parents and prospective parents make more informed buying decisions about a wide range of products. If the review is for a product that we sell, simply click on the link that says "Buy now from the shop" and it will take you straight to that product. We do not sell all the products that people have written reviews for.

If a product is not listed elsewhere in the shop, you can still write a new review for it here. You can also see a full list of all our reviews.

Bath Time

NameReviewsLast review 
Baby Bjorn Safe Step 1 13 November 2009 add review
Baby Go Nappy Change 1 19 August 2010 add review
Baby Nose Clear Nasal Aspirator 7 18 April 2011 add review
Baby Nose Clear Room Vapour 5 15 April 2011 add review
Bach Emotional Eating Kit 4 24 October 2010 add review
Bumbo Toilet Trainer 1 28 April 2010 add review
Cleebo 2 3 September 2010 add review
Colgate Smiles Toothbrush 1 21 November 2005 add review
Colgate Smiles Toothpaste 1 30 August 2007 add review
Dual Toilet Seat - child training seat 0 3 September 2010 add review
Graco Digital Baby Scale 3 10 June 2009 add review
Graco Nasal Aspirator 1 8 June 2009 add review
In The Night Garden Bathset 1 13 January 2009 add review
Jane Bath Support Hammock 0 3 September 2010 add review
Jane Universal Bath Tub 1 23 November 2010 add review
Konfidence Flashing Floating Bath Toy 1 24 November 2008 add review
Kuster Bath Toy Store 4 24 November 2008 add review
Skip Hop Tubby Bath Toy Tidy 1 14 July 2009 add review
Skip Hop Zoo Mitts 1 17 June 2010 add review
Sterimar Sea Water Nasal Spray 2 23 January 2007 add review
Tigex Baby Bath with removable Bath Ring 0 3 September 2010 add review
Tommee Tippee Multi-Use Thermometer 1 18 July 2009 add review
Trendy Kid Shampoo Rinse Cup 5 19 April 2010 add review
Trendy Kids Wash and Brush Timer 4 2 September 2009 add review
Tub Fun Bath Set 1 27 November 2008 add review
Vosene Kids Lice Repellent Conditioning Shampoo and Leave-in Detangler 3 21 April 2010 add review
Wisdom 'Step by Step' 0-2 toothbrush 1 5 September 2007 add review