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Car Seat Safety Quiz

Car seat safety is a minefield of information and sometimes less than useful advice from well-meaning people, the media, health professionals and retail stores. We have well trained and experienced car seat experts and have pooled all their knowledge to help you prepare for choosing the right car seat for you and your baby.

It's time to test your car seat safety knowledge with our quick quiz.

1. What percentage of car seats are incorrectly fitted?

a) 50%

b) 65%

c) 80%

d) ) 95%

2. By Law when does your child not need to be in a child car seat?

a) When they are 10 years old.

b) When they are 11 years old.

c) When they are 12 years old.

d) ) When they are 1.35 metres tall

3. What is the weight limit for a Group 0+ cat seat?

a) 13 kg or 29 lbs.

b) 9 kg or 20 lbs.

c) 12 kg or 26 lbs.

d) 10 Kgs or 22 lbs.

4. What are the 2 most important factors for determining when to move your child to the next group of car seat? e.g. from Group 0+ to Group 1?

a) Age and Weight?

b) Age and Height

c) Age and Sex

d) Weight and Height

5.What is the most important factor to consider when choosing your car seat?

a) Colour

b) The seat must fit securely in my car

c) Buying the latest model

d) It must be an isofix car seat

6.If you install a child car seat in the front seat of your car what safety checks do you need to carry out?

a) Make sure the windows can be opened.

b) Make sure you can see your child to see if they are sleeping.

c) Ensure that your child can see you.

d) Ensure the front airbag is disconnected and you have notified your insurance company.

7.If you are unlucky enough to have a frontal impact in your car at 30 mph all the objects in your car will travel forwards. What would be the force of a 1 litre bottle of water travelling towards the front of the car.?

a) around 1 Kg

b) around 10 kg

c) around 15 kg

d) around 25 kg

8. What is the speed at which a front airbag deploys in the result of an accident?

a) 100 mph

b) 125 mph

c) 160 mph

d) 250 mph

9. What is the weight limit for a Group 1 car seat?

a) 15 kg

b) 18 kg.

c) 20 kg.

d) 25 kg.

10. Which of the following statements are true?

a) Rear facing car seats are safer

b) Rear facing car seats are no safer than forward facing car seats.

c) Forward facing car seats are safer.

d) Rear facing car seats are safer providing they fit securely in your car.

We hope you found this quiz fun and maybe even informative. If you have any questions regarding car seat safety please don't hesitate to contact one of our showroom staff.

Email: shop@pushchairsandcarseats.co.uk

Tel: 01491 821290

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