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Car Seats - From 9kg

From 9kg

  • Rearward facing Baby Car Seats

Group 1 From 9kg to 18kg or 25kg (approximately 4-6 years) depending on the make

In a rearward facing car seat the child faces backwards only, with the car seat usually fitted to the back seat. The child is restrained in the seat by an integral safety harness, with the seat being held in place by the adult car seat belt, or by ISOFIX fittings which are offered by some rear facing car seats. As a Group 1 car seat, most rearward facing baby car seats have a good recline facility.

As advised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, babies and young children should always be in a rearward facing car seat as it supports the neck and spine in an impact and is by far the safest way to travel. Indeed, it is a legal requirement in Scandinavia to have all children up to the age of 4 rearward facing in cars. The UK is therefore a considerable way behind other countries in terms of child safety requirements.

The Recaro Polaric Group 1 Rear Facing car seat offers maximum safety for children between 9-18kg. The unique Recaro Recaro Polaric Rear Facing Group 1 Car SeatPolaric fixing system enables firm and safe installation on the back seat of a vehicle. It uses ISOFIX points, a foot prop, back brace and a bottom tether, allowing the car seat to be firmly attached to the car.

Safety: It is illegal to use a rear facing child car seat in the front of a vehicle protected by a frontal airbag, unless it has been manually or electronically de-activated, in which case your car insurance may be invalidated.

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  • Forward facing Car Seat (Group 1)

From 9kg to 18kg (approximately 4 years) depending on the size of your child.maxi cosi Tobi

When reaching an absolute minimum of 20lbs (9kg) and sitting unaided, a toddler can go into a forward facing car seat. The child faces forwards only, and the car seat is normally used on the back seat, yet can be used legally in the front seat providing there is no airbag fitted. We would always recommend using the back seats of your car.

An integral harness secures the child, and the car seat is held in place by the adult car seat belt. There are a growing number of isofix group 1 car seats that can be fitted either with a 3 point lap and diagonal seat belt or directly onto the isofix points in your car. The isofix system generally makes a car seat much easier to fit but seatbelts are still a very secure way of fitting a car seat to your car. A typical example of a group 1 car seat would be the Maxi Cosi Tobi.

Recaro Young Sport Car Seat Group 1, 2, 3Children aged one and over (or over 20lbs) are stronger, and therefore a front facing car seat is likely to be more appropriate. However, as advised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and the Government Road Safety Team, the safest way for children to travel in the car is in a rear facing car seat, with this position minimising the impact on a child should a crash occur.

Further advice from the Road Safety Team for forward facing car seats is:

  • Check the vehicle handbook to see what the guidance is on the size/age children must be before sitting in the front with an active front airbag. Airbags are very effective safety devices for protecting adults, but their explosive force can seriously injure children.

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  • Multi Group Car Seat (Groups 1,2 and 3)

From 9 kg to 36kg (approximately 4 years to 12 years)

With multi group car seats the width and height are easily adjustable to fit your growing child. On many models as the backrest is adjusted to size the harness moves into the correct position. Multi group car seats can be secured with the cars own seat belt. Group 123 car seats offer superb value for money as they cover a wide age range. As Britax Evolva Car Seat Group 1, 2, 3a group 1 car seat there can sometimes be an issue with the fitting. Pushchairs and Car Seats recommends that you get any car seat fit checked before you purchase.

Both the Britax Evolva car seat the Kiddy Guardian Pro and the Recaro Young Sport car seat are suitable for groups 1, 2 and 3, making them excellent value for money. The integral harness is removed when outgrown, continuing the use of the car seat, with the adult seat belt being then used to secure both child and car seat. Whilst they are designed for children of approximately 9 months and upwards, they are quite upright and do not recline very far, meaning that they are better suited for older children from around the age of 1 through to 12 years or more realistically 1.35 meteres tall.

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