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Car Seats - Where To Get Help

If you do not think that your car seat is fitted properly, or you want some extra advice, there is a whole host of places to turn to for free information and practical help:

  • Most local authorities hold regular car seat checking sessions at various venues with trained staff offering parents free, unbiased advice on buying and fitting car seats. Contact your local authority and speak to the Road Safety Officer who will tell you where these sessions operate in your area.
  • Make use of car seat manufacturers' customer care and phone help lines.
  • Britax's online Fit-Finder allows you to find out which car seats have been checked by Britax to fit into specific cars. However, please note that this is a guide and will not provide an absolute guaranteed fit. So, whether you've got a Skoda or a Saab, visit the Fit-Finder to ensure that you choose the right car seat for your car.
  • If in doubt, fit it yourself. The only person you can really trust with your child's safety is you. Car seat manufacturers have realised this, and now make it very easy for you to fit it yourself, with diagrams on the side of the seat and in some cases brightly coloured markings to indicate where the seat belt should be threaded through.
  • Car seat fitting has now been made even easier with the introduction of the ISOFIX system where you can simply 'click' in the car seat, with no need to use the lap and diagonal belt.

The Pushchairs and Car Seats shop offers a car seat fitting service, where you can make a private appointment to try various car seats in your car before you buy. To book an appointment call: 01491 821877.

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Buying Your Car Seat

Fitting Your Car Seat

This section includes information on the different types of car seat, explaining which seat is the right size for your child, what to look for, useful accessories and important things to remember before you buy. The car seat safety guide, sections on child car seats and the law, and car seats on test, provide the vital safety information that you need when buying your car seat. This section also includes information on fitting your seat, with a step-by-step guide to installing your car seat, a list of common problems and information on where to get help.

With most car seats in the UK being fitted incorrectly, it is crucial that you have access to the right information when selecting and fitting your child's seat. Our trained staff are all experienced car seat fitters and we have used their collective knowledge to put together this information. The golden rule is that it is absolutely essential that you get the fit checked if you are in any doubt at all.. Some manufacturers have car compatibility fitting guides on their websites, however it should be remembered that these are just guides and are not definitive lists. Not all car seats will fit all cars, and no car or car seat manufacturer can guarantee a secure and safe fit. All cars are different, even two of the same make and model can have different length seat belts!

It is therefore essential to ensure your car seat is fitted correctly, in order to secure your child's safety whilst travelling in the car. The showroom is based just outside of Wallingford and we are always happy to check the fitting of your car seat.

Three important points to remember about car seats are:

  • Always buy a car seat to suit your child's weight rather than height.
  • Not all car seats fit all cars; check the model you have chosen will fit your car. Seek professional advice if you are unsure.
  • Always buy a car seat because it has safety features that improve fit and protection, not because it has attractive fabric choices or good value accessories.

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