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From babyworld to Pushchairs and Car Seats


From babyworld to Pushchairs and Car Seats

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So what happened to babyworld? - You may be asking. In this article we examine the slightly painful birth of pushchairs and car seats as a company and look at what has been going on for the past few months.

When Glam Media Inc. decided that they wished to purchase the babyworld magazine it was obvious fairly quickly that they had no interest in the E-commerce or showroom side of babyworld. This would have meant the closure of the babyworld shop and unemployment for most of the staff. This would have been a shame for a number of reasons.

First, the staff had worked hard to develop an efficient ecommerce site and built up a strong customer database and customer loyalty. All of this would have gone to waste if the shop had closed.

Secondly, our showroom in Wallingford had gone from strength to strength over the years and customers knew that they would always receive sound impartial advice from our staff. We make a point of giving good common sense advice and guidance so that our customers can buy with confidence.

Thirdly our customers apprciate being able to shop in a calm peaceful environment where they can park right outside, try as many car seats or pushchairs as they wish, sometimes over a cup of coffee, and not be pressured into buying anything if they don't want to or were not absolutely certain of their decision

So as a result of Glam Media not wanting us to use the name babyworld , pushchairs and car seats was born. A name motivated out of the fact that this is what customers actually search for when they go onto google or any other search engine.