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How to Shop

This is a step-by-step guide to enable you to shop smoothly and successfully on babyworld. Follow these simple steps and you will not only be able to purchase goods online, but add items to your bargain list, wish list or reorder list, email items to a friend and view and change items in your shopping basket.



Glossary of Terms

Shopping Basket - This is where items go after you have selected the 'Buy Now' option. This is the stage before you move to the checkout, where you will have the option to remove items, change quantities, choose which area of the UK you are shipping too, see how much the items total, add any discounts you are entitled to and select your payment method. The step-by-step guide will show you how to do all of the above.

Checkout - This is where you pay for the items you have selected. In this area you are able to edit shipping and billing details. You are also able to edit your payment details if you have chosen to pay online. The step-by-step guide will show you how to use the checkout.

Email to a Friend - By selecting this option you can send a person of your choice an email asking them to look at the item you have chosen. This is handy if you see something you think a friend would like or would like to buy you! The facility allows you to send either a link to the item or the whole internet page. The step-by-step guide will show you how to perform this function.

My Account - Your account is where your registration details are kept. When in this area you can edit your billing and shipping addresses, change your password and subscribe to, or un-subscribe from, our Newsletter Mailing List. You can also retrieve your password be clicking the link to have the password sent to you. You are also able to sign off so you can keep your information private when not using it. If you would like help in performing any of these functions please consult the Help/Frequently Asked Questions Section.

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Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 - Sign in or register:

If you do not have a shopping account you will need to create an account. The process shoudl take under a minute but without your address details we cannot process your card or deliver your goods.

To create an account, go onto the shop home page and click on one of the Sign In links, such as the one in the top right hand corner circled below. This link can also be found in the top right hand corner of every product page in the shop.

By pressing the Sign In buttons you will have the choice to Sign In or Create an Account. Please select Create an Account. This will take you to a form which you are required to fill in to register. If you are already a babyworld member it is fast and easy to fill in this form, just click on Use my babyworld Details under My Account Login Information. If you have entered the shop from the babyworld site and are signed in on the site then your details will appear as soon as you click on Use my babyworld Details.

If you are not a babyworld member all you have to do is enter your babyworld username and password in the box that appears. Please bear in mind that these are the details we will use to deliver your item to you, so it is important that you make sure your details are kept up to date. We also require your telephone number so that the courier is able to deliver your goods.

If you are not a babyworld member then you will need to fill out the form yourself.

The My Account Login Information enables you to sign in and out of the babyworld shop. You will therefore need to remember this information for future use. The Billing Information enables us to send you an invoice for any goods purchased. At the bottom of the form are two tick boxes, leave the box on the left ticked if your delivery address is the same as your billing address. If different, uncheck the box.

When you uncheck the box another form appears below so that you can input your delivery address. The tick box on the right is for subscription to the babyworld newsletter. If you wish to receive this then please leave the box ticked. Uncheck the box if you don't wish to receive the newsletter. If you are not satisfied with your form press the Reset button and this will clear the form. Once you have completed the form to your satisfaction then press the Save button. You will automatically receive an email confirming your registration and detailing your username and password. You will also be taken back to the shop homepage as a signed in customer.

Once you are a registered customer you can sign in whenever you want simply by clicking Sign in. On the Sign in panel is an option for the shop to Save your Password so that you do not have to type in your email address and password every time you want to sign in. This is not recommended for shared computers.

We suggest that you sign in when you enter the babyworld shop but there are options to sign in at any stage of the buying process up until you wish to go to the Checkout or you want to look at your account, at which point you must sign in.

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Step 2 - Search and browse for the item(s) you want to purchase:

Searching for a product can be performed in several ways.

If you know what product you are looking for, then the best way to search for it is by using our search engine. This is located at the top middle of every page in the babyworld shop. Once you have your search results, simply click on the image to view the product and its description.

If you know the product you are looking for, for example a Recaro Young Sport car seat, you may be better off typing "recaro young sport" into the search box at the top of the page. The search engine will search both the name of the product and the product descriptions to produce it's results.

Alternatively, if you know the name of the manufacturer or the brand of the product then you can use the 'list by brand' function located in the left hand navigation menu, below the 'Sign up for Newsletter' link. The list is in alphabetical order and will produce all the products under that brand name.

If you don't neccessarily have an exact product in mind and merely wish to browse the site, then you can either select one of the images on the homepage, or select any of the departments listed down the side.

The left hand navigation menu appears on every page within the shop, so if you get lost you can always go back to where you started. The babyworld shop contains a number of departments and within each department there are a number of sub-categories. For example, the department 'Baby Changing' is helpfully split into the three categories of changing bags, changing mats and changing tables.

The babyworld shop is made up of the following departments:

Special offers - This section allows you to view all the items which are on special offer together on one page.

Car Seats - Our car seat section covers a wide range of options, with separate sections on car seats from birth, from 9kg, from 15kg, ISOFIX car seats and car seat accessories.

Pushchairs - These are items for travelling with your baby. You can choose from lightweight pushchairs, travel systems, 3 wheelers, twin pushchairs, pushchair accessories, buggy boards, carry cots, footmuffs, rain covers and sun shades.

Baby Travel - If you are travelling with your baby, then you will find everything you could need in this section. This section contains baby cariers, travel cots, sun protection, waterproof clothing and baby shoes.

Child Safety - Here you will find everything you need for the safety of your child, both at home and when you are out and about. This department contains sections on baby monitors, safety gates, home safety, and harnesses and reins.

Bath Time - Our bath time section contains everything you will need to potty train and bath your baby or toddler.

Nursery - In this department you will find a wide range of nursery items, including cots, baby cribs, children's furniture, sleeping bags, comfortors, mattresses, mattress protectors, sheets and blankets, as well as a selection of items to decorate your nursery with.

Baby Feeding - Here you'll find everything you need to feed your baby from newborn to toddler, including breast pumps, high chairs, bibs, sterilising equipment and cutlery.

Baby Changing - This department contains changing bags, mats and tables - everything you need for your changing your baby!

Toys - Our toy section contains a wide range of toys, including baby bouncers, cot toys, bath toys, CD and DVD's, wooden toys, ride on toys, garden toys, travel toys, learning toys, play mats and soft toys.

Baby Swimming - This department contains everything you need for swimming with your baby or toddler, such as buoyancy jackets, UV Sun hats, floats and UV protection swimwear.

Maternity - In this section you will find useful items for your pregancy, birth and also for nursing your newborn baby, such as pregancy pillows, birthing pools and nursing bras.

Special Needs - This department is divided into three sections: Special Needs Pushchairs, Special Needs Car Seats and Special Needs Feeding.

Babyworld Showroom - This section contains information about our babyworld showroom, including a picture gallery of the showroom, and information on how to contact us, as well as comments left by our visitors.

Gift Vouchers - This department allows you to purchase gift vouchers for use on the babyworld site or in the babyworld showroom.

When you enter different departments a category list appears along the left hand side of the screen. Simply click on these and you will be taken to the relevant section. Alternatively you can click on the featured products which are on the right hand side of the screen to view the product and description if something catches your eye. You can navigate your way back by using the navigation tool bar which will direct you back to the homepage or to different sections within the department you are presently in.

Once you are looking in a particular section viewing particular products you can use the back or forward buttons which appear at the bottom of the product description to look at the next product in the range.

If you have any queries, please feel free to email or phone Customer Services where one of our advisors will be happy to help you.

Customer Services contact details:

Email: customerservice@pushchairsandcarseats.co.uk

Tel: (+44) 01491 821877

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Step 3 - What do you want to do with the product you like?

Once you have looked at a product and its description please check that you have got the right colour or model you want. To view other versions of the product click on Click for Other Views. Having chosen which version you want go to Select Item, click on the arrow and select the version you have chosen. This will ensure that you purchase the correct item.

Once you have selected a product, you can put it on your bargain list, wish list or reorder list, email it to a friend or select the item for purchasing. To put it on one of your lists select the relevant button on the right hand side of the screen underneath the Order Here! box.

This will move the item straight onto your list. You can then edit your list by going into My Account or selecting the relevant list from the tool bar at the top of the page. Please note that the list options will not be available to you if you are not signed in. To email the item to a friend click on the Email to a Friend button on the right hand side of the screen. A pop up will appear with a form inside it. Fill the form in and edit the note if you would like to. Then choose whether you would like the page sent as a link or as the whole page. Then press Send. If you choose not to send press Close. Once you have pressed Send a box will appear confirming that the email has sent and will ask you to close the box. Press the Close button to do so.

If you have decided that you would like to purchase the item then go to the Order Here! box, choose how many of this item you would like by editing the Quantity box. Once you are satisfied press the Buy Now! button. This will place the item into your shopping basket. You can continue shopping after this and keep adding items to your basket.

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Step 4 - Checking Your Shopping Basket

Once you have finished shopping and wish to purchase your item click on the My Basket button in the top right hand corner, or select My Basket in My Account. This will enable you to see what is in your basket.

Once here, you can remove items and/or change the quantities of your product. Additionally you can go back to shopping if there's something you've forgotten by clicking on Continue Shopping on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Furthermore, you can view the total cost of your items including postage and packaging on the right hand side of the basket.

Please change the destination country to UK Outlying Areas if you live in the Outer Hebrides, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Scilly Isles or Northern Ireland. Please be aware that this will affect the cost of postage and packaging.

If you have a babyworld discount code please enter the discount into the Discount Code box. Please note it is only possible to have one discount code in use on any product.

If you wish to purchase the items in your basket please select how you want to pay. You can either pay by Credit/Debit card, Paypal or select to pay by cheque using the drop down list in the order by section.

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Step 5 - Purchasing your item

When you are ready to pay, click on Checkout at the bottom right hand corner of the basket. You will be taken automatically to the till, where you can edit either the billing address or the shipping (delivery) address, by clicking on Edit on the relevant address boxes. Once you are happy that these are correct, you can add any instructions that you wish to be considered in the Notes box underneath the billing address. Finally, check or fill out your card details if you have decided to pay by credit or debit card. Red stars by the card boxes show details that you need to input.

When you are happy click Continue. One of two things will happen, you will either be asked to correct mistakes with your card details or you will be taken to a new page confirming your purchase details. Once here please take note of your order number in case you have any queries. If you are unhappy with anything click on Back and make any changes necessary. When satisfied with the invoice, click on Process Payment at the bottom of the page. Please only press this if you really want to purchase this item, as once you have pressed this button you will be charged for your goods.

Once you have clicked on Process button you will be taken to a screen confirming your order.

When you are satisfied that everything in the Checkout is correct, click on Continue at the bottom of the page, you will be taken to a new page confirming your purchase details. Once here please take note of your order number in case you have any queries.

If you are unhappy with anything click on Back and make any changes you feel necessary. When you are satisfied with the invoice click on Process to confirm that you would like to pay for your item. When you click on this you will automatically have an invoice sent to you, this is in the form of an order confirmation sheet. You will only receive the item once your payment method has been sent to us and cleared, this usually takes 5-7 days. Please note that once you have been invoiced you have entered a contractual obligation to pay for the item.

Please make cheques payable to Carseatsandpushchairs.com ltd.:

Pushchairs and Car Seats
The Slate Barn
Mongewell Park Farm
Wallingford Road
OX10 8DY

You have now completed your shopping. Thank you!

Click here to view our page about 3D secure and our existing fraud prevention measurements

If you have any further queries and none of the guides or help pages answer your question then please do not hesitate to contact us:

Email: customerservice@pushchairsandcarseats.co.uk

Tel: 01491 821877

Click here to view our frequently asked questions page

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