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BeSafe iZi Combi X3 Isofix Car Seat Ex Display - Black Alcantara

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Manufacturer: BeSafe

Item Number: 7043485371251

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BeSafe iZi Combi Isofix X3 Rear Facing Car Seat - Black Alcantara

This seat is in immaculate condition - 1 only.

The BeSafe iZi Combi isofix X3 Rear Facing car seat is perhaps one of the safest car seats we have ever seen. We sell a lot of rear facing car seats both online and from our showroom in Wallingford, Oxfordshire and this one is by far the easiest one to install combined with industrial strength build quality and comfort.  

We offer a free fitting service for this car seat. To be honest it is one of the easiest fitting car seats that we sell. No tether straps or seat belts - just click it in and go and a discount when collected from our Wallingford showroom.

Please note: This car seat is the isofix version and attaches rear facing to the isofix points in your car with no need for any additional tethering. It can also be fitted forward facing using a standard lap and diagonal seatbelt giving you the best of both worlds.

Alternatively the Besafe Izi Kid Isofix is a purely rear facing car seat that will attach to your isofix pints. There is also a non- isofix version of the Besafe Izi Combi Car Seat if you do not have isofix points in your car.

This astonishing car seat has finally won a "Which ?" Best Buy award. Not a moment too soon we say. We've been banging on about this excellent car seat for 2 years now.

The reason is that the BeSafe iZi Combi Isofix car seat can be fitted in a car by way of isofix points as a rear facing car seat OR by a seat belt as an excellent forward facing group 1 car seat. 

Which Test Winner

And this seat does not require the use of rear tether straps to anchor it to your car in the Rear Facing position. We don't know of any other rear facing car seat that is as easy to fit securely as the BeSafe Izi Combi. 

This combination makes this car seat unique.  Also this is one of the only isofix group 0/1 car seats available.  This car seat can be used for babies aged 6 months plus and and it should be used in the fully reclined position for babies under 1 year old. The seat should then take your child all the way through to 4 years old in a rear facing position.

If you do not have isofix points in your car check out the excellent BeSafe Izi Combi X3 non-isofix rear facing car seat.


This new X3 version of the BeSafe Izi Combi car seat has a more robust and comfortable head protection system which also enables you to adjust the height of the shoulder harness really easily. Also new are the magnets on the side of the seat which will attract the harness clips and keep them out of the way while you insert your child. A brilliant innovation ...

New knowledge tells that all children under 3 years old should travel rearfacing. Crash studies done by ADAC and the International Consumer Organization, ICRT Show 5 times higher risk for severe injury in the neck of children by forward facing seats compared with rear facing seats. Practical experience from Scandinavia also points out that the seatshell of rear facing car seat will help protect the child injury by flying objects inside the car.

Studies from real life accidents done by Volvo show that rear facing car seats are 5 times safer than forward facing seats.

Isofix fitting makes this a fairly easy seat to fit as rear facing seat and the simple belt installation when forward facing makes this a really easy seat to use. Because this seat has a metal brace against the back seat of the car and a foot prop that hits the floor it does not require the use of tether straps to anchor it to the car. 

While the safety of your child has not been compromised neither has the comfort of your child.  This BeSafe izi Combi Isofix car seat  has washable seat fabrics and importantly a back ventialtion to help keep your little one cooler in warm weather.

This seat certainly has a solid feel about it and the fact that it can be used rear or forward facing will have it's advantages for many parents.

Please check this link to a comprehensive car fit guide to cars that Be Safe izi Car seat fits.  Please note that this is a guide and not definitive list.

Read our feature article on Rear Facing Car Seats.

If you are in any doubt you should have your car seat checked by an experienced car seat professional. Besafe do publish a list of cars that they have tested but do not worry if yours isn't on there as it is not definitive.

We are an approved BeSafe Service Centre so in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong with your car seat we can also repair it for you.

Check out this video of the BeSafe Izi Combi Rear Facing Car Seat on YouTube.



Check out our Guide to Rear Facing Car Seats

Have a go at our car seat safety quiz - it's just for fun.

Please note : the Indigo Moon colour scheme despite its name is black with some white piping.

The BeSafe IZI combi has also won a Red Dot product design award - click here for more details.

See what the BBC says about why Rear Facing Car Seats are the Safest. safety of Rear Facing Car Seats

Have a look at this New video from BeSafe

 EAN: 07043485371251


  • The X3 version includes an easy adjust shoulder strap system and improved head protection
  • 4 reclined positions
  • SIP - Side Impact Protection
  • Five-point harness with central adjustment and height adjustment
  • Indicator for correct installation
  • Back ventilation
  • Safety leg and tension system give a really tight fit to the car


  • Belt padding and head-support cushion can easily be removed and washed
  • The cover can be removed and washed using a 40° washing program for wool

Suitable from

  • From 6 months plus to approximately 4 years old or 18 kgs

Why we like it

  • This car seat does not require tether straps and so is considerably easier to fit than most rear facing car seats
  • Can be used as a forward facing car seat in those cars where rear facing just isn't safe or practical
  • This car seat has a real quality feel about it and incorporates some very plush fabrics


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Recent Reviews:

Great Reputation
This car seat has such a good reputation, is user friendly and does everything and more which you'd hope from a good quality car seat.

Having the option to belt route forward facing means that it appeals to a wide variety of people for use in different cars. I would say that it's a seat you don't want to be carrying around too much as it's heavy but that's a small compromise for a great car seat.

Review by : Rachael (Showroom Staff) on 01 Aug 2013