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Essential Pushchair Care and Safety


To ensure the safety of your child, it is important to test the following on a regular basis:

  • Check that nothing is loose or broken and that no sharp edges have been exposed
  • Periodically inspect all joints and harness attachment points
  • Replace all damaged parts immediately
  • Check that the pushchair does not have any sharp edges or points
  • Test the brake, and ensure that it can hold the pushchair without movement on a slope
  • Check that the safety harness is still secure
  • Ensure that the wheels are securely fitted and in good working order
  • Make sure that the pushchair is stable and sturdy - remember to never overload it with shopping or other items as this can distort the frame and will severely decrease the stability of the pushchair

General care and safety tips:

  • When assembling your pushchair always check all packaging and boxes for parts before discarding the box
  • When going up and down kerbs, let wheels down as gently as possible
  • Your pushchair should never be bumped up or down stairs or escalators - for safety, the pushchair must always be folded when used in these conditions
  • When your pushchair is transported in the car never stack other items on top of it, and never store your pushchair in a car or car boot due to condensation problems
  • Always store in a dry place
  • Children should not be left unattended in your pushchair and should at all times wear a safety harness, correctly fitted and adjusted that conforms to BS6684
  • Do not carry additional children in or on your pushchair
  • Do not allow your child to stand on the seat of the pushchair
  • Always lift your child in and out of your pushchair, do not allow children to climb using the footrest to stand on
  • Do not hang bags or goods from the handle of the pushchair, as this could cause your pushchair to tip over or damage the pushchair
  • Do not leave your pushchair in direct sunlight as this may cause the fabric to fade. Keep your pushchair folded when its not in use
  • If you have any difficulty folding your pushchair, do not force it. Open it up again and check that there is nothing impeding the mechanism, oil it if necessary and refer to the instructions if needed
  • Always engage the brakes when parking your pushchair. For safety sake do not allow other children to play with your pushchair
  • Check that all locks are engaged before placing your child in the pushchair
  • The weight of the child carried in your pushchair must not exceed that laid down by the manufacturer
  • It may be unsafe to use replacement parts other than those recommended by the manufacturer

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