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Making the Right Choice

A pushchair is one of the most important items that you will need to buy for your baby, and possibly one of the most expensive. It is therefore essential that you make the right choice and carefully consider the following points before you buy:

  • Will it suit my lifestyle? It is essential that the pushchair you choose is suitable for your lifestyle. If you do a lot of walking, you should ensure that the model you choose is sturdy and has good suspension. Similarly, if you will be spending a lot of time in a town, you will need a pushchair that is easy to manoeuvre in busy crowds, and perhaps a model that is lightweight and easily folded for ease on public transport.
  • How well designed is it? Always try to see beyond the attractive fabrics and cosy finishes. Instead ensure that the pushchair you choose is designed to a high quality, and is functional and easy to use.
  • Will this be your only pushchair? The model of pushchair that you buy should depend on how long you are hoping it will suit your baby. Always remember that a pushchair is only suitable for a newborn baby if it is able to fully recline to enable your baby to lie flat. Some models that are suitable from birth may not be suitable all the way up to the time when your child no longer needs a pushchair, in which case you may have to buy a second pushchair.
  • What does the guarantee cover? It is important to find out what sort of guarantee your pushchair carries, and how easy it will be to sort out repairs or extra parts if something goes wrong. If you are going to be using the pushchair on a daily basis, it is wise to check whether your retailer will lend you replacement whilst yours is being repaired.
  • Ask for a full demonstration Even if you decide to buy online, it is highly advisable that you visit a retailer so that you can try the pushchair for yourself before you buy. Some pushchairs can be rather complicated to put up and down, and so they may take a while to get used to.
  • Is the instruction manual clear? It is important to check this before you buy, as some instructions for pushchairs are badly written and hard to follow, particularly those from other countries that have been translated into English.
  • How big is it, folded and unfolded? Will it fit into the boot of your car? Make sure you are aware of the sizing of the pushchair before you buy it, and ensure that it can fit into the boot of your car and will fit through an average-sized door. If you are planning on buying a 3-wheeler pushchair and are likely to use public transport then it is advisable to check the width of the back wheel, as some are too wide to fit through the inner doors in train carriages.
  • What accessories are included in the price? Some manufacturers make many of their accessories optional extras, which can sometimes mean that the price of a seemingly inexpensive pushchair can suddenly start to add up once these extras are taken into account.
  • Is it suitable for a newborn? If you are looking for a pushchair that is suitable from birth it is absolutely essential that you choose a model that has the facility to lie completely flat. The pushchair must be sturdy, padded, comfortable and, particularly for a winter baby, completely weatherproof.
  • Can the seat face in either direction? Young babies usually like to face their parent but toddlers prefer to see where they are going

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